Crystal Glass Nail File


  • Crystal Glass Nail Files: Made of high quality crystals glass that these nail files will not rust, ruin, or corrode. The glass nail files did not add any chemical or harmful substances, ensure you use them with safety.
  • Glass Nail Files: Unlike emery boards and metal files, glass files for the nails in both directions! The fine grit permanently etched abrasive surface feels gentle on nails and allows precision filing, expertly shape nails for professional results.
  • Professional Nail files: These manicure files work quickly to trim or shape the acrylic nail with your desired shape or length. Perfect for grinding and polishing your nails to get more shine and smoothness.
  • Perfect Nail Care: Nail files for acrylic gives nails smooth without ragged ends, reducing nail splitting, chipping & peeling. They are also perfect to remove nail gel in your extended or fake nails, buffering your nails in a smooth finish.

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